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About BrandM

At BrandM we love special brands, brands with a story, real brands with authentic recipes that conquer the hearts of many consumers. Our strength lies in identifying these brands (as true food finders), preparing them for the local market and successfully launching them, and helping them expanding into retail and food service in the Netherlands and Belgium. Based on trust and long-term partnership. BrandM has been a full-service distributor with a proven track record for over 15 years. As a food challenger in on-trend categories.


RefreshID was founded in 2017, arising from the search for distinctive foreign brand concepts and the need for a connection between cool-fresh and DKW. RefreshID is a full-service distributor that focuses on the cool-fresh categories. In addition, we look for connections with other brands and categories in order to inspire and offer solutions.



DrinkM was founded in 2020, arising from the growing demand from the retail/catering environment. Today, consumers are looking for new adventures, new flavours, new applications and above all they are looking for the authentic stories behind the brands. DrinkM is closely following this, sharing these special drinks.