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Branding in retail

BrandM is pronounced as 'brand them'. Because that is what we do best: successfully market brands from the world kitchen. We choose our partners carefully, looking for brands with stories that move us and flavours that surprise us. Launching a new brand is one thing, but ensuring that consumers remain loyal is quite another. That is why we opt for long-term partnerships with brands from all over the world. In so doing, we help inspire Dutch, Belgian, and now German consumers as well - from supermarket shelf to kitchen cupboard.

Our vision

BrandM was established in 2004. And from day one, we took to the food market like a fish to water. What's more, we believe the sea is big enough for us all. Just like our BrandM partners, we are fast swimmers and extremely agile. We strengthen each other wherever possible and in this way keep constantly moving, just like the world around us. This always keeps us ahead of the Big Fish , which are larger, but also a lot less agile. 

Looking for a party that links inspiring food brands to the right shelves?

Our partners